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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Coffeemaker Upgrade

My Coffeemaker Upgrade

My Old Coffeemaker...

My Melitta Thermal Coffeemaker was a great coffee maker in the $50 price range.  It has a cone filter and thermal carafe, and made great coffee for years.  I stand by my evaluation that this is the "best value" coffee maker in terms of features and quality that you get for the money.  Here is my review of the Melitta Thermal Coffeemaker.

Melitta Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe
Melitta Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe:  Best Value Coffeemaker!

My New Coffeemaker...

A couple months ago, I found that my Melitta wouldn't turn on.  I suspect that the computer got zapped by a power surge or something.  My first thought was to get another Melitta since I liked it so much, but my wife bought me a fancier model as a present: the Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe.

Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe
Ninja Coffee Bar with Thermal Carafe
Image Source: Dr. Penny Pincher

Here is my review of the excellent Ninja coffeemaker.  Check this out if you are looking for a coffeemaker with some really convenient features to make it something you look forward to using every day.

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