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Coffee Maker Journal Store

You'll find my favorite coffee makers and coffee products here in the Coffee Maker Journal Store.  These products will allow you to make great coffee at home every day.

Don't miss our coffee bean section- we have the Most Popular Whole Coffee Beans in the World!

Top Coffee Makers

Thermal Coffee Maker

I used a Melitta thermal coffeemaker every day for years and rate this as the best value coffee maker.  This model uses a cone filter for maximum flavor extraction.  The thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot without giving it a burned flavor like a glass carafe.  You can make coffee at home that is better than coffee shop coffee with this coffee maker!

Ninja Coffee Bar With Thermal Carafe
This is my current coffee maker, and it is awesome!  I got this as an upgrade for my Melitta.

Single Cup Pour-over Brewer

You can make coffee without a coffee maker.  Just use this pour-over brewer with coffee grounds and hot water to make a great cup of coffee.  Plus it only costs about $5!

Keurig Vue

This is the latest generation Keurig coffee brewer.  Like the original Keurig k-cup brewers, Keurig Vue uses prepackaged cups of coffee grounds.  The Keurig Vue uses large cups of coffee grounds (called Vue cups) and allows more control over the brew strength than the 1st generation Keurig brewers.


This coffee brewer also uses prepackaged cups of ground coffee, but brews espresso.  You can drink shots of espresso, or use the espresso to make the coffee drinks that you find at Starbucks and other coffee shops.  You can even make great regular coffee with a Nespresso by using the espresso to make "Cafe Americano" which is espresso mixed with hot water.

Travel Coffee Maker

Take a coffee maker with you on your next trip!  This Black and Decker model is small and easy to pack.  Bring your own fresh coffee grounds and you'll be ready to make coffee on the road.

Cool Electric Tea Kettle

It is so much quicker and easier to make tea or instant coffee when you have an electric tea kettle on your countertop.  Just press the switch and you'll very quickly have boiling water ready to go.  This model has nice blue lighting and a clear kettle so you can watch all of the action of the boiling water.  This electric tea kettle turns off automatically after full boil is reached.

Coffee Bean Grinder

Using fresh ground coffee beans is one of the keys to making great coffee.  This burr grinder is one of the best, and it only costs about $35.  Use this to grind your own beans to make ground coffee to use in a coffeemaker or for pour-over coffee or French press coffee!

Best Travel Coffee Mug

Does Not Leak!
I had to get rid of my old travel coffee mug after I dripped coffee on myself on the way to a meeting.  I found this Contigo Travel Mug- it keeps coffee hot for a long time and does not leak.  You can even turn it upside down and it won't leak.  It uses a trigger mechanism to allow coffee to flow when you are drinking.

Most Popular Whole Coffee Beans in the World

Which of these most popular whole bean coffees would you like to try?
Note: some of these are 2 pound bags or larger for better pricing per pound...

Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee

Great tasting Guatemalan rare, single origin gourmet coffee.  Grown organically at the base of two of Guatemala's biggest volcanoes, where rich minerals enhance the flavor and smell.  Medium roast, small batch.

Starbucks Pike Place Roast, Whole Bean

100% Arabica Coffee, medium roast.  You don't need to go to Starbucks to get Starbucks coffee!

Lavazza Super Crema

Death Wish- Strong Coffee!

Costa Rican Supremo

Make World Class Coffee at Home!

If you want to learn to make great, world-class coffee at home for only 60 cents, check out my book:

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