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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Biodegradable K-cups: Paper instead of Plastic...

Biodegradable K-cups

I got a tip from a reader about an interesting product- it is a K-cup for Keurig machines, but it is made of a paper coffee filter material instead of a plastic cup like a typical K-cup.  This product is made by the Rogers Family Coffee Company and the brand is San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee.  They are currently selling for about 36 cents per cup, which is a pretty good deal for a quality K-cup.
This packaging concept for K-cups is a neat idea for two reasons.  First, it seems like this design would have better potential for flavor extraction since hot water can flow more easily through the coffee grounds.  Reviews of the strong and good flavor of this coffee seem to support this.

Biodegradable K-cups
Biodegradable K-cups- Good Coffee, Less Chemicals

San Francisco Bay OneCup, Fog Chaser, 80 Single Serve Coffees

Second, the paper filter material is biodegradable.  The standard plastic K-cups are made from a plastic that is not recyclable.  This type of plastic is known as #7 plastic which is a mix of various types of plastic.  The paper filter is biodegradable, which means recycling is not a problem.  Plus, some people are concerned about BPA and other chemicals leaching from the plastic cup into the coffee.  With a paper filter, you don't need to worry about this.

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